Dear colleagues and friends!

The legal services market is now full of offers. Choosing a company , that undertakes your problems, does not seem to be a hard thing to do. If there are no direct recommendations, the choice is usually based on several criteria: specialist's qualification, relevant work experience and service cost.

«Paul Leibniz & Partners» Moscow BAR is a united group of experienced professionals, that used to work with large-scale enterprises as well as with small and medium businesses in the following fields: oil production and export of petroleum products, metal manufactures, energy, woodworking, telecommunication and construction. Some of our specialists have more than one university degree and sufficient experience which gives us an opportunity to solve a wider range of problems, that are often beyond the ordinary legal practice.

Legal construction of businesses, including the measures of counteraction to the possible hostile actions of third parties, and undertaking a range of unordinary practical tasks - that is our specialty.

In the case of a serious issue, We are ready to get experienced lawyers, accountants and financial advisers involved in the work.

We have a wide experience in providing any professional assistance to foreign enterprises wishing to start their business in Russia or to those who already have it.

We are committed to a long and a mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. We have been together for years with a number of our partners. Let's give it a try and I'm sure that our cooperation will bring you a significant advantage.

I wish you good luck in your businesses, reliable partners and just good people, prosperity of your business and the ordinary human happiness!

Chairman of the Moscow BAR «Paul Leibniz & Partners»,
Candidate of Legal Sciences